terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2012


1. Use the Verb to be:

a) She  in the house.

b) The dog and the cat  in the garden.
c) The woman  behind a tree.

d) I  Kevin.

e) Carol and I  friends.

f) It  black.

g) My name  Bob.

h) They  nice girls.

i) The children  in the shop.

j) He  a teacher.

l) We  hungry.

m) Mrs Dixon  funny and nice.

n) I  twelve years old.

o) Jim and Cathy  at school.

p) The elephants  tired.

q) I  at school.

r) She  not lazy.

s) We  always good at school.

t) Kevin  a good tennis player.

u) The elephants  tired.

v) Kevin  a good tennis player.

x) The book  on the desk.

z) Ice – cream  great.

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